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 The story of Phatty and Payaso came to me while watching our overweight cat plop his big belly down at the front door of our apartment to wait for his cat friend Payaso to arrive from next door. As soon as the weather would change, summer to fall or winter to spring, Phatty would know that his friend would soon be returning. Night after night, Phatty sat in the same spot, at the door, waiting for Payaso.

Phatty never lost hope that his friend wasn’t coming back. He never lost faith that his exotic friend Payaso, might have made other cat friends, forgotten him, or maybe even became too cool for Phatty. No, in the feline world, well at least in my cat’s feline world, his friend Payaso would never let him down and would always return as promised, every spring and fall, just as he had done all those years before. It was not only Phatty’s faith that his friend would return that inspired this story but the phenomenon that Payaso seemed to feel the same way.

Imagine a friendship between a very overweight, run of the mill house cat and an exotic, purebred cat that lived around the country in several different glamorous locations existing year after year. No matter how much time had passed between visits, despite how different they were, they were inseparable. This friendship was a story that needed to be told…..

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