If you have ever wanted a super power like Batman, Superman, Supergirl and many other wonderful super heroes of the world, here is your opportunity. We all have the ability to magically put a smile of someone’s face, lift someone’s spirit and even brighten someone’s day by taking an extra minute and being kind to them. Taking the time to ask how they are, offer a warm smile or include them in your day. Being kind is so powerful and so often forgotten in the hectic world we live in, take the unitive to change that, live by example by being a kindness advocate and taking the kindness challenge.

Kindness Challenge Takes America By Storm

A kindness call to action has been made! Phatty & Payaso are asking kids everywhere to come together to make a difference by spreading kindness by leading by example. Kids are asked to print out the “Be A Kindness AdvoCATe” sign from the Letsallbekind. com website and then take photos of themselves offering up random acts of kindness. Kids are then asked to share their photo with a hashtag, along with a description of the act of kindness they chose and why with friends and kids everywhere. Being kind is contagious, if everyone takes this challenge serious, before we know it, EVERYONE will be kind to EVERYONE! Let’s all make a difference and take the “Kindness Challenge!” #LETSALLBEKIND


  • Be patient with others
  • Be kind to the elderly
  • Be kind to animals
  • Be supportive of your classmates
  • Be inclusive by being sure to include everyone in your games or plans
  • Be kind to those kids that struggle to fit it
  • Be aware of what makes someone a bully and be sure to never bully or manipulate your friends
  • Be willing to volunteer
  • Be courteous and be sure to say please and thank you
  • Be conscious of others and their feelings
  • Be watchful how you talk about others, be sure not to spread gossip or meanness
  • Be the best you that you can be
  • Be willing to make a positive difference in someone else’s day
  • Be willing to help out family & friends in need
  • Be sure to have a positive attitude
  • Be understanding, compassionate, sympathetic & empathetic


Here’s what you need for the kindness challenge. Print out the Be Kindness AdvoCATe sign from the Letsallbekind. com website, and photograph yourself, or yourself and a group of friends, your family, your animal or with anyone you’d like showing an act of kindness. Or simply, do the act of kindness and take a photo with the person you helped with a hashtag #LetsAllBeKind

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